A well cared for spoon will only get better with use

Hockleycrest spoons aren’t decorations – they’re designed for years of use in the kitchen.

Although your spoon may take on colours and develop a worn look over time, this just makes it more beautiful and adds to its story!

Hand wash only

Wood and dishwashers just don’t get along. Extend your spoon’s lifespan by hand washing with warm water and soap, then dry with a towel or let it air dry.

If your spoon’s handle is painted, try to avoid using abrasive pads on it as this will cause the paint to wear off.

Don’t let it soak

Don’t leave your spoon sitting in water for more than a couple hours at a time – this causes the wood to absorb water and expand, which can lead to cracks.

Do I need to oil my spoons?

Hockleycrest spoons are finished with food safe walnut oil, but after being used and washed a few times, the oil will wear off. Frequent use is the best way to keep your spoon oiled – the wood will naturally take on oils from the foods you’re handling.

Although oiling on a regular basis is by no means necessary, if you want to renew the finish, wipe on a thin layer of any food safe wood finish and let dry before use.

Walnut oil is a personal favourite for its almost clear colour and lack of strong smell or taste, but tung oil, boiled linseed oil, mineral oil, butcher block oil, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil also work.  These oils can be found at most woodworking and kitchen stores – just check that it says food safe on the label.

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