It was only a matter of time…

Are blogs still a thing in 2023? Who knows but here we are.

Why am I starting a blog? I take a lot of photos – the problem is most of them never see the light of day. They sit on my computer and no one sees them except myself. For a while I was posting on Instagram, but find it’s a bad way to share photos in their full glory. The way you can only include 10 photos in one post means that a lot of good photos don’t make the cut. Plus the way the algorithm works these days to favour reels and advertisements makes it frustrating to use.

For a long time I’ve been looking for a way to post my pictures in photo essay style, in large scale and with the ability to post words alongside them – so I finally settled on an old fashioned blog on my website.

I enjoy documenting my experiences through photos, and using photography to tell stories. I shoot mostly 35mm film, but recently picked up a mirrorless digital camera so have been shooting some digital as well.

What should you expect from this blog? I don’t even know yet. Likely it will be things I’m making/working on, photo stories, pictures of my friends, trip reports, and whatever else interests me. It will mostly be a photo blog, with some words thrown in to explain the photos.

Right now I have a backlog of years worth of photos that haven’t been shared, so may start with posting some photos from recent kayak trips and other adventures.

If any of that interests you as well, feel free to follow along.

– Peter

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