Stuck in the ice at Cloud Bay

A collection of photos from my first paddle of the 2023 season on March 25 – exploring Cloud Bay on a sunny spring day as the ice begins to break up.

With the right gear and knowledge, early spring can be one of the most beautiful times to paddle Lake Superior, with dramatic ice formations and constantly changing conditions.

Unloading kayaks from the trailer into knee deep snow.
Snack/sunbathing break on a sheltered cobble beach.
An ice axe can be a surprisingly useful addition to a sea kayaker’s kit for paddling at this time of year.
Bright orange sunburst lichen contrasting with turquoise Lake Superior water never gets old.
While we were sunbathing on the beach, an onshore wind blew pack ice into the bay, leading to an hour long slog to get back into open water.

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